Who We Are

Michael and Candice Vietzke live in beautiful Bend, OR. Michael’s vision of using LuAnn’s story to help others and a call from God one day turned their hearts toward the ministry. The book was just one step in getting the word out there. It is just one tool I know God will use to bring others to Christ through this powerful story.

The story behind the story.

Michael stayed with an alcohol addicted LuAnn for over 20 years of ups and downs. Several times he wanted to leave the marriage, but something always told him to stay. Several years after her death he met Candice, his current wife and told her his story and how he always felt that it could help others. He knew that if just one person could be changed by her death then all the years of pain, heartache and struggle would have been worth it. One day while telling his story to others she saw the profound effect it had on them. God told her it was time to write LuAnn’s story and impact as many people as possble for his kingdom.

Candice Vietzke is an ordained minister through the National Association of Chistian Ministers and holds a BA in Biblical Studies and a Masters of Divinity and a Doctor of Divinity degree. She works at their local church and the family is involved in their Outreach program which helps the community in a variety of ways.

Our Mission Statement:

To preach the gospel to reach the spiritually lost and equip the saints
To teach sound Biblical principles found only in the Word of God (no grey areas)
To help others who are facing the same struggles that we have faced
To love God with all our hearts
To show God’s love to others
To create disciples as Jesus instructed us to do, continuing the legacy of the Act’s Church.

For more information visit us at http://www.Bibledrivenministries.orgMichael & Candice Vietzke


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